Travel Policy, Friction, and Retention

Is your travel policy creating friction and having a negative impact on your retention?
Author: Simon Canning
November 2017
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This paper will consider the question of whether and how you as a travel manager can improve your value to your company by addressing friction and retention.
Duty of Care and Travel Risk Management

What does a mature program look like?
Author: Simon Canning
July 2017
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As companies increasingly globalize their operations, the need for protecting both travellers and their employers by developing and managing the optimal travel program is growing. The factors that come into play for employers with travelling employees are duty of care and Travel Risk Management (TRM). This article provides steps for employers to take to implement an effective TRM program.
Data Privacy in 2017

What should Travel Buyers and Travel Management Companies do?
Author: Simon Canning
May 2017
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There have been many changes in the rules around EU-US data privacy over the last few years. This paper will layout the current state of play and what you as a travel buyer need to know when dealing with your travel management company.
What is the “Sharing Economy”?

Why Definitions Matter.
Author: Andrew Henry
October 2016
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The term Sharing Economy has been used throughout the corporate travel community to refer to vendors such as Uber and Airbnb. Is Sharing Economy the right label, and does the label even matter? Depending on the company goals and decision-making process, it might. This paper aims to provide some guidance on the terminology used and its impact on decision-making in this space.
Big Data and Travel Management

How is big data impacting corporate travel?
Author: Andrew Henry
January 2015
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This article examines the basics of big data and how it relates to four high-level categories within the travel industry: internal operations, travel management, revenue management, and distribution. See how today’s travel professionals are using global data analytics to deliver innovative products and services to their corporate clients.
Employer Responsibilities
and Duty of Care

How are natural disasters and world events impacting
your corporate liability?
Author: Simon Canning
February 2014
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As organizations globalize their operations, the employee exposure to travel risks increases. This trend has elevated Duty of Care to a central component of travel management. This article looks at five high-level categories of risk and offers a detailed, step-by-step guide for minimizing the organization’s financial and legal exposure, and protecting its personnel, property and reputation.
Corporate Travel in Latin America

What new directions will corporate travel take in Latin
America in the coming years?
Author: Amanda Close
July 2014
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This article looks at key market features shaping travel management in Latin America. It provides a high-level review of a changing travel marketplace, including current facts and figures and supply- and demand-side trends that will affect future developments. Get ahead of emerging trends in this fast-moving region.