A Video Delivery Company Needed the Right Data at the Right Time

Being able to gain more visibility into travel costs can help organizations stay on budget and maximize profit margins.
‘We need visibility into our data from different parts of the world.’
The challenge
An international firm that is a leader in delivering video infrastructure solutions has travellers from many parts of the world. All too often, travel expenses could only be viewed and quantified after the trip, when expenses and invoices were collected. The travel manager needed a way to see upcoming travel expense forecasts region by region in order to predict and manage costs.
The strategy
The owner of a leading Global Solutions location met with the executive responsible for worldwide travel budgets and explored the organization’s data reporting systems. After analyzing the timing and content of the reports generated by the system, the owner concluded that a data consolidation tool would help the firm forecast travel more clearly and gain visibility across multiple regions.
The result
Global Solutions delivered a data consolidation tool that enabled the organization’s travel executive to view and manage travel across multiple countries from a single account. The new solution forecasts travel costs accurately and provides instant visibility into pre-trip reporting in addition to the standard array of post travel reports. As a result, the travel executive can manage the budget and control costs more effectively.