A Global Network With a Personalized Approach

Travel management experts providing local services and support for global program success.
Our Promise
Global Solutions delivers an unparalleled travel management experience by providing personalized service, creative recommendations and insightful reporting. You will never have to give up friendly, localized service in order to support complex, global travel requirements.
Integrated Global Network
We connect you to a global range of products and services delivered by local travel experts who understand your culture.
Competitive Fares
We source fares and other travel products from around the world, using market and currency differences to save you money.
Account Management
Global account management can be delivered locally, regionally or globally, with flawless communication and coordination.
Technology Sourcing
Using our local experts, we identify the right technology for you based on your market needs.
Global Data Consolidation
We provide travel data from all markets, consolidated globally, to enable data-driven decision-making.
Supplier Negotiation
We provide a clear view of global supplier spending to support negotiations of corporate discount agreements.
Compliance Monitoring
We help you uncover gaps in division, department, and traveller level compliance in order to reduce costs and achieve other program objectives.
Our technologies and processes give you a clear view of past travel expenditures and enable you to forecast future costs.
Duty of Care
Through policy enforcement, advice, alerts and monitoring, we help you ensure safer, more secure travel for your employees.
Traveler Comfort
Business trips are more comfortable and less stressful when you know that the company is monitoring and ensuring your safety.
Program Usage
Employees are more likely to use designated booking methods and suppliers when they know it offers added protection.
Reduced Liability
A well documented Duty of Care program reduces corporate liability and demonstrates a commitment to employee well being.
10 Customer Commitments