An Anti-terror Organization Needed a Travel Partner Who Understood the Stakes

Travel management companies need to understand the importance of what you do and deliver solutions that help you do it.
‘We provide solutions to prevent terrorist threats and cannot wait on hold to be served. I need to know that someone is there at any time and every time.’
The challenge
The executive team at an anti-terror countermeasures organization were dissatisfied with their existing travel management company. Their account was handled by a variety of staff members who had clearly not been briefed on the sensitivity and urgency of the client’s travel requirements. This company needed a partner who could be flexible in building a service model that went above and beyond.
The strategy
The owner of a leading Global Solutions location met with the team responsible for sending travellers to sensitive areas of the world. During the discovery discussions, the owner proposed that a single dedicated manager be assigned to provide services that were immediately available, consistent, and informed.
The result
The Global Solutions’ dedicated account manager has become acutely familiar with the account needs, travel patterns and management requests. She recognizes the client’s paramount concern for secure and instantly available service, and understands the importance of their mission. This has allowed the client to stay focussed on their core business and feel confident that their travel needs are respected and supported.