A Manufacturer Needed to Improve Duty of Care on a Global Scale

When you manage a global business with complex travel needs, Duty of Care is a worldwide responsibility and a critical issue.
‘We need to be able to manage a remote crisis from a central point’
The challenge
A manufacturer of computer accessories with offices around the world has complex travel patterns. When a crisis erupted at a particular location, the company took seriously their responsibility to ensure their employees’ safety. In accordance with company values, the manufacturer was committed to meeting the highest standards of care. However, the wide jurisdictional variation surrounding global Duty of Care posed significant challenges to the organization when it came to supporting those values and fulfilling their legal obligations.
The strategy
The owner of a leading Global Solutions location met with the executive responsible for Duty of Care. Global Solutions started by examining the travel patterns, the associated risks and the lines of responsibility inside the organization. Based on this review, the owner developed a robust risk management program, which included a personalized URL for each traveller and a single global view for current and future travel.
The result
The solution enabled the client to address risk factors across multiple jurisdictions with greater clarity and ease. This comprehensive level of oversight gave the executive responsible for travel greater confidence in the organization’s ability to expand globally while meeting their legal requirements, upholding the company values, and ensuring employee satisfaction and safety.