For a VOIP Infrastructure Company, Responsive Service Made all the Difference

No one likes being a small fish in a big pond. Better service results in a better experience for the travel manager and the traveller.
‘Every time I asked for something from my previous travel management supplier, I had to wait a few days. Global Solutions are much more responsive.’
The challenge
The travel manager of this large, publicly traded company was frustrated by long waits and lacklustre service when dealing with his travel management company. To do his job effectively, he needed to know that reporting and other management services would be delivered promptly and effectively.
The strategy
The owner of a leading Global Solutions location met with the travel manager to understand his needs. Based on the discussion, the owner put together a premier service protocol for the client, which guaranteed a 24-hour turnaround, even for customized report requests. The protocol was implemented in one country on a trial basis.
The result
The travel manager was so pleased with service responsiveness during the premier service trial that the company has since entrusted their travel requirements to Global Solutions for offices in three additional countries. Discussions are underway for the migration of additional countries.